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Available packages

A Package - Choose ONE POSE PER SIZE
For the A Package, choose ONE POSE PER SIZE (One pose for both 8x10's, one pose for both 5x7's, one pose for both 4x6's, one pose for the 8 wallets. This package will not let you choose to have a photo in Black and White or Sepia, but it will print that way if the photo you choose is already in Black & White or Sepia.


B Package - Choose 2 Poses Total
B Package (Choose 2 Poses total) 2 - 8x10, 4 - 5x7, 4- 4x6, 16 Wallets


C Package - Choose 4 Poses Total
C Package (4 Poses total) 1-11x14, 2 - 8x10, 2 - 5x7, 6 - 4x6, 16 Wallets


D Package - Choose 2 Poses Total
D Package (2 Poses total) 1 - 8x10, 4 - 5x7, 6 - 4x6


E Package - Choose 4 Poses Total
E Package (4 poses total) 1-11x14, 2 - 8x10, 4 - 5x7, 12 - 4x6


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